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Articles Before you Begin

Basic set of articles a person should read Before he/she begins learning the Saxophone

The different types of Saxophones


Soprano Saxophone

The soprano saxophone is tuned in the key of B Flat. Its tune is the highest of all other saxophones. It can be curved but in most cases it’s straight like a clarinet. The Soprano has a very unique and special sound, however it is regarded as the most difficult saxophone to start with since it requires a lot of embouchure exercise and tons of practice.


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How to play the saxophone

So you decided that you want to play Sax! 

Let us explain a few things first!


Tenor or Alto

The first step is deciding which Saxophone to play . (Alto, Tenor, sopran...). Usually for young beginners alto is the most common saxophone to start with, since its lighter then the other types.

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Is the saxophone difficult to play?

Unlike the flute and clarinet, the saxophone is very accommodating in the early stages of musical development. Within the standard range,notesrespond easily, even with the most undeveloped embouchure _ the position of the lips in producing a tone _ and breathing technique. The saxophone is not as prone to "squeak" like the clarinet or sound airy and flat like the flute


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New vs. Used saxophones


This is a big decision when it comes to buying a saxophone. A lot of newcomers to the instrument don't even think about used saxophones as an option. If you are on a limited budget, or are not afraid of the research and legwork involved with a used saxophone, that may be the way to go. I will go over some of the pros and cons of each decision tohelp you decide which choice is best for you.

The New Saxophone

Pros of buying a new saxophone:

A new sax has special appeal. You know this saxophone is completely ready to play and has no wear or tear on it at all. The lacquer or plating is perfect and and the pads are new. You know that it has the most modern mechanism available and utilizes all of the modern production techniques. The new saxophone also offers support from the factory and/or the music store where you purchased it. This new saxophone also holds it's value fairly well for the first few months of ownership.


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buying your first instrument 

The most traditional starting place for the beginning  saxophonist is with the alto saxophone. This is in part due to the fact that the vast majority of classical saxophone literature is written for the alto.

 Additionally, the alto requires slightly less air than does the tenor, and the smaller key scale often fits more comfortably in a young person's hands.


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Found -good- online private lessons!

I searched online for this one for some time now.


I wanted good online sax lessons for a long time

I had only three requirements:

  1. Good for beginners
  2. Advanced Sax players will also gain a lot
  3. Lots of content and ways to interact with the teacher (I found that this is the field which most sites lack the most) 


After lots of googling (I am overflowed with work so I wanted to find a good alternative for my dedicated users), I found Eric Marienthal

He knows and feels Jazz, plays like a real pro and above all else he knows how to teach the saxophone in the best way I saw.


Go over to this site and enroll for his lessons, he has created HUNDREDS of lessons.

He accepts recorded tracks from students and sends back his feedback!


It is much cheaper than lessons with an offline teacher, and is accesible whenever you like.


I have personally bought and enjoyed his lessons

here it is - see for yourselves:

For beginners / advanced sax players