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How to Play the Saxophone

How to play the saxophone

So you decided that you want to play Sax! 

Let us explain a few things first!


Tenor or Alto

The first step is deciding which Saxophone to play . (Alto, Tenor, sopran...). Usually for young beginners alto is the most common saxophone to start with, since its lighter then the other types.


And for young people it might be easier to blow all the air into the alto saxophone. Then later when u practiced enough you can switch to Tenor sax which is a bit heavier and has a different sound. Tenor Sax is more popular on jazz music. 




Old Vs New

The next step is buying the saxophone. If buying is an issue for you , some local music store offer to rent a saxophone so that way you can rent it and try it , and if for some reason you dont lke it you can return it. If you decied to buy I would suggest to buy a mid ranged saxophone, not to cheap and not too expensive like selmer. 

After u got the saxophone with all the relevant parts you can start trying make a sound just with the horn itself. Check lesson 3 on how to start making sound. Once you can make a sound with no problem , the next step is try to make a sound with the saxophone connected all together. 



What do i do with all these keys?

Ok so you can make sounds with no problem. Next check the fingering chart and start memorizing the different notes and how they are mapped to each key. It can take you several days until you get the idea of it. 




Finally once ur ready start playing basic notes. You can find basic lessons on our lesson page.

Our lessons combines unique features such as visual note playng with live marker assistance that tells you on which note you are currently playing.

Continue with the practice and then start playing some basic music and basic songs. Just remember it might be bit hard on the start , but once you get the idea and start playing saxophone, there's no turning back!


Yours , 

SaxClass Team

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Found -good- online private lessons!

I searched online for this one for some time now.


I wanted good online sax lessons for a long time

I had only three requirements:

  1. Good for beginners
  2. Advanced Sax players will also gain a lot
  3. Lots of content and ways to interact with the teacher (I found that this is the field which most sites lack the most) 


After lots of googling (I am overflowed with work so I wanted to find a good alternative for my dedicated users), I found Eric Marienthal

He knows and feels Jazz, plays like a real pro and above all else he knows how to teach the saxophone in the best way I saw.


Go over to this site and enroll for his lessons, he has created HUNDREDS of lessons.

He accepts recorded tracks from students and sends back his feedback!


It is much cheaper than lessons with an offline teacher, and is accesible whenever you like.


I have personally bought and enjoyed his lessons

here it is - see for yourselves:

For beginners / advanced sax players