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 One of the first things you need to know is how to breath. 

Breathing in:

Try to breath while your lungs streching up, instead of the belly moving forward.  If you breath that way it wil take more air inside and it will be easier to play like this

 Breathing out:

Try to controll the speed of your breathing , try to be relax and get the air out nice and slow , it will help you maintain the flow of the song . 

Exercise on playing long notes . Try to play 2 whole notes in one breath, next try to play three whole notes in one breath.

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Found -good- online private lessons!

I searched online for this one for some time now.


I wanted good online sax lessons for a long time

I had only three requirements:

  1. Good for beginners
  2. Advanced Sax players will also gain a lot
  3. Lots of content and ways to interact with the teacher (I found that this is the field which most sites lack the most) 


After lots of googling (I am overflowed with work so I wanted to find a good alternative for my dedicated users), I found Eric Marienthal

He knows and feels Jazz, plays like a real pro and above all else he knows how to teach the saxophone in the best way I saw.


Go over to this site and enroll for his lessons, he has created HUNDREDS of lessons.

He accepts recorded tracks from students and sends back his feedback!


It is much cheaper than lessons with an offline teacher, and is accesible whenever you like.


I have personally bought and enjoyed his lessons

here it is - see for yourselves:

For beginners / advanced sax players