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Drum Beats

The "Perfect" beat system - This isn't my software, but I searched for it for a long time and I really recommend it.

If you also want a very simple (Believe me, it is hard to find a simple beat software) beat software which does have a lot of features then let me recommend this one: Dr. Drum Beat


Just watch this following video and decide for yourself...

Intuitive Drum Software

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Found -good- online private lessons!

I searched online for this one for some time now.


I wanted good online sax lessons for a long time

I had only three requirements:

  1. Good for beginners
  2. Advanced Sax players will also gain a lot
  3. NO SUBSCRIPTION, recurring fees etc 


Yes, it costs 29$, but it is a one time fee

It is cheaper than a single sax lesson with a teacher...


I have personally bought and enjoyed it

here it is - see for yourselves:

For beginners / advanced sax players